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6th May 2012

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Iron Man 3 news and rumors:

  • Iron Man 3 will be co-produced by Chinese production company DMG Entertainment.  Parts of the film will be shot in China in the late summer. (Source: New York Times).
  • In light of the partnership with DMG, Disney announced that the film will “add Chinese elements and a Chinese story” in the narrative. (Source: CBS News).
  • A casting call, which occurred last Saturday in North Carolina, states the following: “ALL TYPES, ALL AGES & ALL ETHNIC DESCENTS ARE NEEDED. In addition there is a special need for those of Chinese as well as Middle Eastern descents. Production will also be in need of business types with luxury vehicles.” (Source: Marvel Freshman).
  • Ben Kingsley remains in final talks to play a major role, assumed to be the film villain. (Source: Slash Film).


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21st August 2011

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Man Takes Fake "White" Name To Test Job Discrimination →


A Sudanese-Australian man was having trouble getting a job interview. So he sent out applications under a fake, white-sounding name — and callbacks started rolling in.

According to News.com.au, Agnok Lueth had applied for over 1,000 jobs that matched his qualifications, but hadn’t gotten a bite. Then he decided to send out six resumes as “Daniel McLean.” Presto! He got five callbacks. None of these led to an interview, and if he had been hired, Lueth probably would have had trouble drawing a paycheck under a fake name. Nonetheless, his experiment does appear to reveal some racism inherent in Australian hiring policies.

A much larger experiment conducted in the US revealed similar discrimination. Researchers sent out over 5,000 resumes, some with stereotypically black-sounding names, and some with stereotypically white-sounding ones. They found that “job applicants with white names needed to send about 10 resumes to get one callback; those with African-American names needed to send around 15 resumes to get one callback.” What’s more, improved credentials had more of an effect on the fate of white-sounding applicants than of black-sounding ones — while people named Greg could look forward to more callbacks if they had more experience, the same wasn’t necessarily the case for people named Jamal. At least for one man, the same is true in Australia. Says Graeme Innes of the Australian Human Rights Commission, “Unfortunately, there are elements of racism in our community and there are definitely people in Australia who make employment decisions on a racist bias.”

Australian employment law prohibits discrimination on the basis of “race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin.” By extension, it’s presumably illegal to discriminate against someone because his name sounds foreign. But it’s pretty clearly happening, and stopping it will require tougher enforcement as well as a willingness on the part of employers to take a hard look at their own biases. By drawing attention to the problem, Lueth has made an important start.


shouldn’t laugh but it just seems like such an…. understatement.

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7th August 2011

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London riot | Blazes, looting in London riot over shooting →

so basically, a small group of people hold a peaceful rally and a bunch of fucking chav shitheads decide it’ll be fun to set fire to a bus. fuck you guys so much.

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28th March 2011

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TRIGGER WARNING: rape and violence against women

Libyan woman is brutally silenced after accusing Gaddafi’s forces of rape, via Guardian:

It was just another breakfast time at Tripoli’s smart Rixos Al Nasr hotel, sleepy foreign journalists helping themselves to cereals, rolls and terrible coffee in the restaurant, looking out over a neat garden unusual in the dour capital city.

But the Groundhog Day conversations – more overnight coalition air strikes against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, rebel advances in the east, how to escape the minders – were suddenly interrupted when a distraught woman burst in to describe how she had been repeatedly raped by government militiamen.

Iman al-Obeidi was quickly manhandled and arrested by security officials – an extraordinary spectacle for the journalists staying in the luxurious hotel-cum-media centre, hemmed in by severe restrictions on their movements and fed barely credible information.

The scene – filmed by several of those present – unfolded when Obeidi entered the Ocaliptus dining room and lifted up her abaya (dress) to show a slash and bruises on her right leg. “Look what Gaddafi’s men have done to me,” she screamed. “Look what they did, they violated my honour.”

Distraught and weeping, she was surrounded by reporters and cameramen. Libyan minders pushed and lashed out at the journalists, one of them drawing a gun, another smashing a CNN camera. Two waitresses grabbed knives and threatened Obeidi, calling her “a traitor to Gaddafi”.

Obeidi said she had been arrested at a checkpoint in the capital because she is from Benghazi, stronghold of the anti-Gaddafi rebellion in the east. “They swore at me and they filmed me. I was alone. There was whisky. I was tied up. They peed on me.” She said she had been raped by 15 men and held for two days.

Charles Clover of the Financial Times, who tried to protect her, was pushed, thrown to the floor and kicked, and Channel 4 correspondent Jonathan Miller was punched.

Obeidi was frogmarched, struggling, into the lobby and driven away, shouting: “They say they are taking me to hospital but they are taking me to jail.” Minders again tried to stop journalists taking pictures. It was impossible to verify her account. Musa Ibrahim, a government spokesman, said he had been told Obeidi, apparently in her 30s, was drunk and suffered from “mental problems”.

oh my god

just….how scary must it be to be a woman in this part of the world

everyone needs to know about this.

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